Species conservation around the world

Every day, species are disappearing off the face of our planet. But it’s not too late to act. By adopting meaningful measures, we can ensure the long-term preservation of many endangered animals. Tierpark Berlin is part of a global network and is able to participate in projects all over the world with its species conservation programme Berlin World Wild – but only thanks to your support.

100% of the contributions we receive towards species conservation are channelled into the Zoo and Tierpark’s Berlin World Wild conservation programme.

We support the NABU anti-poaching unit Gruppa Bars in Kyrgyzstan. These rangers provide the endangered snow leopard with better protection from illegal hunters and traffickers.

Giraffes are under threat in their natural habitat. We support researchers in Tanzania, whose work involves teaching schoolchildren about giraffe conservation. Teachers in local village schools are trained so they can pass on the knowledge to their pupils and help ensure the giraffes’ survival in the long term.

Steadily rising temperatures pose a threat to the polar bear. We support scientists with their research into polar bear breeding, hunting and migratory movements in the Arctic. The goal is to establish protected zones where the animals can find sufficient food.


Zoo and Tierpark’s Berlin World Wild conservation programme

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