Current restrictions

Like at any modern zoo, work at Tierpark Berlin is never really done. We are constantly trying to improve the Tierpark to make it a better place and more beautiful for animals and visitors alike. That is why you may come across construction work during your visit. Below you can find information on current construction projects and other restrictions.

Elephant House

Tierpark Berlin will soon be home to one of the biggest and most modern elephant houses in Europe. Since a construction site is not a suitable home for Elephants, our gentle giants have temporarily been moved to other zoos.

Get ready to watch herds of African elephants roam across their new spacious savanna habitat, once construction work is completed!

Water play area

The fountains in the water play area will not be in operation this summer season for technical reasons.

Oak processionary moth

The young caterpillars of the oak processionary moth are currently hatching at Tierpark Berlin. The caterpillars' stinging hairs contain a poison that can cause skin rashes, itching, redness and, in severe cases, even breathing difficulties and allergic reactions on contact - in both humans and dogs.

We have arranged for professional removal. Nevertheless, it is not entirely impossible that you may come across these animals in the 160-hectare Tierpark. To protect yourself, please stay on the paths and do not touch nests or caterpillars!

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We regularly post updates on construction work at Tierpark Berlin on our News page.


Tierpark Berlin has a long-term development plan that is being implemented step by step. You can learn more about it here.

Long-term development plan

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