Our furry, scaly and feathered inhabitants have a big appetite. Help Tierpark Berlin ensure there’s always plenty of tasty food for our prairie dogs, tigers and co.

Help keep our animals warm

Despite having thick fur or dense plumage, most animals at the Tierpark need additional help to keep warm in the winter. We are doing everything we can to stop our giraffes, ring-tailed lemurs, etc. getting cold ears, toes and noses in these challenging times.

We warmly welcome any donations to help us do that.

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A considerable amount is spent on a healthy, balanced diet for the animals each year.
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Rhinos, monkeys and all the other animals togehter consume quite a few kilograms of carrots on a day.

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    You can basically be a sponsor of any animal, since animals can have several sponsors except for our 'big ones', such as giraffes, polar bears, tigers & Co. Be inspired here.

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    We support innovative species conservation projects from Brandenburg to Madagascar.

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    Support our donation projects

    • Enrichment for the spectacled bears

      The enclosure of the spectacled bears is getting a little long in the tooth and will be renovated in the near future. In order to provide Hans and Julia with more options to exercise their natural behaviour even before the planned renovation, our curators and keepers would like to supply a whole potpourri of enrichment devices for the bears. Large wooden food drums, food balls, climbing facilities and hammocks are planned, which will not only train the animals' dexterity but also keep them mentally fit. Tierpark Berlin and the spectacled bears are happy about any support for the purchase and construction of these utensils.

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    • Redesign of the vari islands

      Attentive observers may have noticed the collapsed climbing structures in the Tierpark Berlin. That's why our animal keepers would like to see the Vari Island in front of the Vari Forest repaired and extended. The two small islands are to be connected to form one island and filled up. In addition, a new and more natural, higher structure made of deadwood logs is to be built and the island is to be planted more densely. The elaborate upgrade will cost 14,700 euros. Tierpark Berlin and the ruffed Varis are happy about any support in the implementation of this project.

    • Save the European hamster!

      The European hamster is on the verge of extinction: due to the intensification of agriculture and increasing building development, the habitats for these cute rodents are dwindling. In addition to suitable areas for reintroduction, one thing is needed first: the animals themselves. Zoos play a crucial role here in stopping the dramatic downward trend of the European hamster population. The team at Tierpark Berlin therefore has a very big wish: when hamsters awaken from their hibernation in spring, they will already have their own conservation breeding station waiting for them. We need 16,000 euros for this - your help counts!

    • All-round care

      The Tierpark’s team of veterinarians are in need of a new ultrasound scanner to help them carry out even better and more intensive check-ups on the animals in their care. Tierpark Berlin and all its animal residents would be grateful for any contribution towards the cost of this equipment.

    • Fun on the ice floes, even in summer

      Hertha must surely be the most playful bear in Berlin. However, the antics of Hertha and her mother Tonja take their toll on the polar bears’ play equipment, which is swapped out daily to provide behavioural enrichment. Particularly their favourite playthings – the big “ice floes” – are showing a good deal of wear and tear. We want to make sure the bears can continue to enjoy their water playtime to the fullest by repairing their much-loved ice floes.

    • Climbing parcours for our North American porcupines

      At the tierpark, our curators and animal keepers would like to see a new and even larger climbing course for the North American porcupines, which would offer the unhurried rodents even more exercise and variety. Tierpark Berlin and the animals would appreciate any support in making this a reality.

    • Climbing through every season

      Our little tree kangaroos love jumping from tree to tree and nibbling on leaves, grains and fruit. In the winter, these nimble climbers retreat to the warmth of the indoor rainforest house. So that visitors can still marvel at their abilities during the colder months, we want to build a varied climbing landscape in their indoor habitat.

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