Plan your visit (FAQ)

Got a question or looking for some tips? We’ve compiled the most important information so you’re perfectly prepared for your visit to Tierpark Berlin.

  • Coronavirus precautions

  • Overview

    You can find all the information on the current coronavirus precautions at Tierpark Berlin here.

  • Day tickets & online shop

  • Is it no longer possible to buy tickets on site?

    A limited number of ticket booths are open by the entrances for visitors who have no internet access. This system will only continue to work in the current situation if no large queues form, so please do continue to book tickets online wherever possible.

    Book tickets now

  • I have a complimentary or pre-bought ticket

    Online tickets, tickets purchased in advance (e.g. from BVG ticket machines) and complimentary tickets can be presented at the ticket booths by the entrances (clearly marked) and allow immediate admission. Advance online registration is not necessary.

  • How can I get my discount on tickets?

    Discounts can be presented at the ticket booths by the entrances (clearly marked) and allow immediate admission. Advance online registration is not necessary.

  • Do kids under four need a ticket?

    Children under four can visit the Tierpark free of charge. However, please do still book one free ticket online for every child aged three and under.


  • Do I have to leave the Tierpark by the end of the time slot I have booked?

    In principle, we ask all our guests to stick to the time slot they have reserved. After all, the Tierpark will only be able to remain open under the current circumstances if everyone shows consideration towards one another and is willing to compromise. However, the time slots are primarily intended to stagger visitor arrivals.

    The chosen time slot is binding and cannot be changed after the purchase has been made. There is no right of return for purchased tickets.

  • Am I allowed to leave Tierpark and then come back later the same day?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to leave the Tierpark and then come back multiple times during the day. Day tickets are only valid for one admission.

  • The date I chose is not available

    Due to the current situation, day tickets are only available a few weeks in advance currently. If tickets cannot be booked for an earlier date, the day is already sold out.

  • Do chaperones for disabled visitors require a ticket?

    One chaperone may accompany a visitor with a severe disability free of charge (category H or B; proof of eligibility must be presented at the ticket booth).

    Disabled persons with a disability rating of 50 percent or more receive reduced admission (upon presentation of proof of disabled status). You can find tickets for both categories in our online shop.

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  • Can I cancel or rebook tickets?

    Booked day tickets cannot be canceled or rebooked. Withdrawal is also not possible.

  • Do I have to print out online tickets?

    You do not need to print out your online tickets. The QR codes can be scanned from your smartphone or tablet. Please just ensure you have your online ticket open when you reach the gates and that your screen is as bright as possible.

  • Where can I get group tickets?

    Group tickets are only available from the ticket booths on site at the Tierpark. Prior registration is not necessary.

  • Can I also use Zoo & Aquarium vouchers at the Tierpark?

    Vouchers can be redeemed at all three of our facilities – Zoo, Aquarium and Tierpark Berlin. But please be aware that prices may differ from the actual value of your voucher.

    Vouchers can easily be redeemed online. Start by selecting the desired number of day tickets and/or annual passes in the respective online shop (,, or When you go to your shopping basket, you will have the option to apply a voucher code.

  • Further questions?

    Do you have more specific questions? Further information can be found at the category "Annual passes, vouchers & sponsorships". If you have any questions about your booking, please contact

  • Annual passes, vouchers & sponsorships

  • Gift idea

    From typical vouchers with individual values, ticket or annual pass vouchers to vouchers for guided tours and special animal encounters- we offer several different types of gift ideas.

    Buy a voucher now

  • Benefits of annual passes

    Annual pass holders can visit Tierpark Berlin 365 days a year – and save money from the fourth visit! What’s more, a Tierpark annual pass gives holders a 50 percent discount on tickets to Zoo and Aquarium Berlin (and vice versa) and a 10 percent discount in the Tierpark’s restaurants and shops.

    Tip: If you decide to purchase an annual pass during your visit to the Tierpark, you can offset the price of your day ticket if you purchase your annual pass from the sales points by the entrances on the same day. On weekends, the annual pass booths are open until the zoo closes and therefore longer than the regular day ticket offices. You can find an overview of the opening times here.

  • Where can I buy annual passes?

    You can purchase annual passes online. Simply fill out the required information at your leisure at home, then come by to pick up your pass.

    Buy ANNUAL passes online and save time

    Please note: All pass holders* must be present in person for the issuing of their annual pass.

  • How do I get my annual pass discount?

    The 50%-discount you receive with your annual pass is only available from on-site tickets booths (upon presentation of your annual pass - please also present a photo ID if necessary). There is no need to book a time slot for this purpose. Please note that discounted tickets can only be purchased for immediate admission (i.e. not in advance).

  • Do I need to book a time slot to purchase an annual pass?

    Please buy your annual pass online if possible. When you renew your annual pass or purchase a new one, you will automatically receive a reservation for the current time slot so that you are able to visit the Tierpark immediately. There is therefore no need to book a time slot in advance.


  • How do I renew my annual pass?

    Simply book a new annual pass online from the comfort of your home. Once the booking is complete, you will receive an email with a collection slip. On your next visit, present this collection slip together with your previous annual pass at one of our annual pass sales points. A member of staff will then renew your pass.

    Buy ANNUAL passes online and save time

    Please note: As we have switched to a new POS system, all annual pass holders must appear in person to renew their pass.

  • Are family annual passes also available for grandparents and their grandchildren?

    Our family annual passes are only available for parents and their (own) children. If we expanded them to other family members, we would not be able to offer the annual passes for the (relatively) affordable rates.

  • Do kids under four need a time slot?

    For all accompanying children aged three and under, please reserve an additional slot free of charge online.


  • Are annual passes transferable?

    Annual passes are personalised and non-transferable. A photograph of the pass holder is printed on every annual pass. You may be asked to present your annual pass in combination with a valid form of ID.

  • Must purchase and renewal of annual passes be in person?

    Yes. For the purchase or renewal of an annual pass, all pass holders must be present at the on-site sales points. Each card is personalised with a photograph that is taken on site. Please note that annual passes are non-transferable.

    Attention: In the case of minors, a parent or guardian must always attend when the annual pass is issued or a (corresponding) power of attorney including a copy of ID must be presented.

  • Should I bring a photograph for my annual pass?

    No. You do not need to bring a photograph with you when purchasing or renewing your annual pass, as one will be taken on site. For this reason, all pass holders must be present at the on-site sales points for the issuing of annual passes.

  • Lost annual pass?

    If you lose your annual pass, you can purchase a replacement at the on-site annual pass sales points for a fee of € 20.

  • New admissions system

    Zoo and Tierpark Berlin are in discussions with the authorities about plans for a new admissions system that uses facial recognition. Use of the system would be entirely voluntary. Once we have come to an agreement with the authorities, all annual pass holders will be informed of the details online and by post. Until that time, annual passes will continue to be checked manually by onsite staff.

  • Where can I buy vouchers?

    All our vouchers are available online. From typical vouchers with individual values, ticket or annual pass vouchers to vouchers for guided tours and special animal encounters- we offer several different types.

    Buy a voucher now

  • How can I become a sponsor?

    We are delighted that you are interested in lending your support as a sponsor! You can find all the information on sponsorships at Tierpark Berlin here.

  • Schools and nurseries

  • What should I note when visiting with my class / group?

    We are very glad, that you are planning to visit Tierpark Berlin. In the following you can find the most important information at a glance:

    • Registration in advance is not necessary (except for guided tours)
    • Group tickets are only available at the ticket booths on site
    • For school or nursery rates a visitors’ form must be presented on site

    Download visitors’ form for day-care groups (pdf)

    Download visitors’ form for school groups (pdf)

    The accompanying teachers are responsible for compliance with the rules of conduct due to the corona pandemic. You can always find an overview of the current precautions here.

  • Rates for schools and nurseries?

    You can find a summary of all prices here.

  • Guided tours for schools and nurseries

    You can find all information about guided tours for schools and nurseries here.

  • Arrival & parking

  • Public transport

    Bärenschaufenster entrance

    U-Bahn:         Tierpark station (U5)

    Tram:              Tram routes M17, 27, 37

    Bus:                  Bus routes 296 and 396


    Schloss entrance

    Tram:            Tram routes M17, 27, 37

    Bus:               Bus route 194

    For detailed information on transport connections, visit

  • Car

    There are some public (paid) parking spaces in front of both Tierpark entrances. But please keep in mind that, especially at weekends and during school holidays, parking spaces fill up quickly. So particularly on those days, we recommend using public transport.

  • Helpful info & tips

  • The animals at Tierpark Berlin

    Around 10,000 animals from all over the world live at Tierpark Berlin, the biggest animal park in Europe. Our modern habitats create extra-special animal experiences. You can get a taste of what to expect here.

  • Rainforest House

    The historical Alfred Brehm building takes visitors on an expedition through a tropical jungle. In surroundings that closely resemble the animals’ natural habitats, visitors can encounter tigers, leopards and rare tree kangaroos. In the walk-through Tropical Hall, narrow paths wind through lush vegetation, where brightly coloured birds sing their exotic songs and crocodiles laze by the water’s edge. What are you waiting for? Find more information here.

  • Friedrichsfelde manor house

    Friedrichsfelde manor house is open to Tierpark visitors from Friday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Inside, visitors can enjoy a fascinating exhibition on the history of the stately home. You can find further information here. With the exception of certain events, it is not possible to visit the manor house separately to the Tierpark.

  • Animal feeding & training sessions

    Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, no public feeding or training sessions are currently taking place.

  • Free-flight show

    From Easter to October, a spectacular free-flight show takes place at 1:30 p.m. every day (except Monday) on the Kiekemal woodland stage. Get a close-up view of owls, eagles and vultures as they swoop low over your head!

  • Electric train

    You can also explore Europe’s largest animal park on wheels. The Tierpark’s little electric train stops at various stations throughout the expansive park, and the ride is entirely free of charge. The exact location of all stops can be found on the Tierpark map here.

    Easter to October:               Daily

    November to Easter:            Weekends, bank holidays and school holidays only

    Please note: As a precautionary measure to stem the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), our electric train is currently not running.

  • Dogs

    You are welcome to bring your four-legged friends along to Tierpark Berlin, but please keep them on a short lead and ensure you also bring poop bags. No pets other than dogs are permitted.

    Your dog is also allowed in the animal houses, but not the walk-through habitats. Please always observe the signs on site.

  • Hits for kids

    In the summer months, the large water play area is a great place to cool off and experience that seaside feeling. Meanwhile, the tree-sheltered adventure playground welcomes little adventurers to a world of trolls and elves.

    At the petting zoo, goats, sheep and more are eagerly waiting to be stroked by gentle hands.

    At various points around the Tierpark, ice cream stands provide welcome refreshment during the summer.

    Special events and services

    Children’s birthdays are extra special at Tierpark Berlin! Here, birthday boys and girls and their guests can embark on exciting journeys of discovery. You can find all the information here.

  • Baby food

    You are welcome to warm up your baby´s food in one of our restaurants. There are free bibs and hot water available.

  • Bikes, trikes, scooters

    Children may bring balance bikes, trikes or scooters into the Tierpark. Normal bikes with pedals, however, should be locked up outside the gates.

  • Bike trailer

    You are welcome to bring your bike trailer as a substitute for a stroller.

  • Handcarts

    Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we do not currently offer handcart hire.

  • Toilets, baby changing, etc.

    There are several toilets and baby changing facilities on the Tierpark grounds. The exact locations and information about additional services can be found on the Tierpark map here.

  • Tierpark improvements

    To make Tierpark Berlin even better and more beautiful for our animals and visitors, occasional construction work is carried out at isolated sites. You can find an overview of current disruptions here.

  • Weihnachten im Tierpark (Christmas at the Tierpark)

    Every year around Christmas time, the Tierpark transforms into a magical illuminated wonderland when darkness falls. For all the information on Weihnachten im Tierpark and to buy tickets, visit

    Please note: Sadly, as a precautionary measure to stem the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), Weihnachten im Tierpark is cancelled for the winter 2020/21 season.

  • Food, drink & souvenirs

  • Patagona restaurant

    Patagona offers guests the flair and flavours of South America, with a varied menu that includes Churrasco grill specialities such as skewers of marinated meat, grilled fish, poultry and pork, as well as a salad and vegetable buffet, freshly squeezed juices, and delicious ice cream. It also serves up Berlin classics such as pan-fried Boulette (meat patties).

    Colourful aquariums with exotic fish lend the restaurant a very special atmosphere, and from the shady terrace visitors can gaze across the unique animal kingdom of South America.

  • Kakadu terrace café

    The large Kakadu terrace café is a great place to sit and enjoy a delicious drink or snack. The menu offers homemade pasta dishes, crunchy salads, and a wide range of ice-cream sundaes during the summer months. Like all good cafés, it also has a large selection of coffees and pastries. Take a seat on the large terrace and soak up the sun as you enjoy the refreshments and the view across to Friedrichsfelde manor house.

  • Snack & ice cream stands

    If you get peckish during your visit to the Tierpark, there are several snack bars on hand. And during the summer, ice cream stands provide welcome refreshment. The exact locations are marked on the Tierpark map here.

    Please note: Due to weather conditions, some snack bars are not open every day. 

  • Tierpark shops

    Don’t forget to have a look around the Tierpark’s shops, which are situated by the petting zoo and at the Bärenschaufenster exit. You’re sure to discover the perfect gift or souvenir – be it a cuddly polar bear, a flamingo postcard, or an illustrated book about tigers.

    The souvenir shop at the Bärenschaufenster entrance is also accessible from outside the Tierpark. At the Zoo, you can speak to a staff member at the entrance and they will grant you access to the shop without the need to purchase a ticket. However, this is only possible when the volume of visitors at the entrance is not too high. We therefore recommend coming during the week and outside school holidays.

  • Online souvenir shop

    You can find our online souvenir shop here. The website also provides contact details so you can get in touch with the shop operator (an external partner) directly if you have any questions.

  • Accessibility

  • Toilets

    There are several disabled-accessible toilets on the Tierpark grounds. The exact locations and information about additional services can be found on the Tierpark map here.

  • Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge. For that you just have to show your ID card. As the number of wheelchairs is limited, please reserve in advance on +49 (0)30 51 53 10.

  • Tours

    Tierpark Berlin offers tailored tours for people with special needs. You can find all the information here.

  • Weihnachten im Tierpark

  • What is Weihnachten im Tierpark (Christmas at the Tierpark)?

    Weihnachten im Tierpark (Christmas at the Tierpark) is an annual event taking place from November to January which is organised by an external partner. Each year, Europe’s largest animal park and the historic Friedrichsfelde manor house are adorned with thousands of lights, creating a unique and magical winter wonderland here in the eastern part of the city. Weihnachten im Tierpark offers a delightful alternative to conventional Christmas markets. Forget the queues and the crowds and instead enjoy an idyllic stroll through the festively illuminated park.

    For all the information on Weihnachten im Tierpark and to buy tickets, visit

  • Where can I buy tickets?

    You can buy tickets for Weihnachten im Tierpark here.

    Children up to and including five years of age can visit Weihnachten im Tierpark free of charge. They do, however, require a ticket, which must be added to the shopping basket during the booking process.

    For all the information on Weihnachten im Tierpark and to buy tickets, visit

  • Are combined tickets also available?

    As Weihnachten im Tierpark takes place outside the Tierpark’s opening hours and is run by an external partner, we unfortunately do not offer a combined ticket that includes regular Tierpark admission. All visitors must leave the Tierpark grounds by the winter closing time of 4 p.m., before the Weihnachten im Tierpark event begins.

    For all the information on Weihnachten im Tierpark and to buy tickets, visit

  • Is my annual pass also valid for the Weihnachten im Tierpark event?

    As Weihnachten im Tierpark takes place outside regular opening hours, Tierpark annual passes are unfortunately not valid for this event. However, holders of a Zoo, Tierpark and/or Aquarium annual pass who present their pass at the Weihnachten im Tierpark ticket booths receive a 10 percent discount.

    For all the information on Weihnachten im Tierpark and to buy tickets, visit

  • Can I use my Tierpark voucher for admission to Weihnachten im Tierpark?

    The Weihnachten im Tierpark event is organised by an external partner, which also handles its own ticket sales. This means Tierpark vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with this event.

    For all the information on Weihnachten im Tierpark and to buy tickets, visit

  • Are the Tierpark car parks open during the event?

    Yes, our car parks remain open throughout the event.

  • FAQs

  • How can I support the Tierpark?

    Thank you! We hugely appreciate your commitment to the Tierpark. You can find information on all the ways to support the Tierpark here.

  • How long should I plan for my visit?

    As Europe’s largest animal park, Tierpark Berlin offers almost unlimited experiences of animals and nature. Parts of the park can be explored aboard our little electric train, which visitors can ride free of charge. So whether you have an entire day or just a few hours, a visit to Tierpark Berlin is always worthwhile.

  • Can I feed the animals?

    In general, visitors are not permitted to feed the animals at Tierpark Berlin. This is the job of the keepers, who know exactly what each animal should eat and what is bad for them.

  • Is there anywhere to store luggage?

    No, for security reasons we cannot offer luggage storage.

  • Is there a lost property office?

    If you lose something on your visit to the Tierpark, you can contact us at or visit us in person at the annual pass sales points by the entrances.

  • Can I bring bikes or scooters into the Tierpark?

    To ensure the safety of our animals and other guests, bicycles, scooters and skates must be left outside. Balance bikes and children’s scooters (up to an age of 6 years) may be brought onto the grounds.

  • I broke something during my visit! What should I do?

    First of all, thank you for your honesty! Please inform someone at the entrance or send an email to so that we can repair the damage as quickly as possible.

  • May I take photos and videos and post them online?

    Of course you may take videos and photographs at Tierpark Berlin for private purposes. When doing so, please stick to the visitor paths and make sure you do not use flash in the animal houses. You may also publish your images on your private social media channels. Feel free to link the official Tierpark channels (@tierparkberlin) so that we can also see your snapshots. Commercial use of your pictures and videos is not permitted.

    Please note: In the interests of animal safety, selfie sticks are not permitted on the Tierpark grounds.

  • I’m looking for some advice about a domestic or wild animal, or I would like to give an animal to the Tierpark.

    The Tierpark is home to approximately 20,000 animals, so our biologists have quite a lot on their plates. Please understand that they will therefore not be able to give advice about domestic or wild animals in your care.

    For medical reasons and to ensure the safety of our animals, we are also not able to take in any domestic or wild animals.

  • Why does admission cost what it does?

    As the largest animal park in Europe, Tierpark Berlin has quite considerable operating costs. The keeping of exotic animals, in particular, is very expensive. To give you an idea: our animals eat around 500,000 kg of hay and 45,000 kg of apples a year, and some animal residents require heated or air-conditioned facilities year-round. Plus, the cost of energy and animal feed is almost constantly on the rise! Despite all that, the entrance fees charged by Tierpark Berlin are still far lower than those of zoological facilities in many other major European cities. What’s more, Tierpark Berlin is both significantly larger and home to a wider variety of species.

  • I want to work at the Tierpark!

    We’re very pleased to hear it! After all, zoos and animal parks must be some of the best places in the world to work. You can find all the information on current job openings, internships and training placements at Zoo, Tierpark and Aquarium Berlin here.

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Feedings & Trainings

  • No public Animal feeding & training sessions are taking place at this time.


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