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    In memory of Dr Bernhard Blaszkiewitz

    Berlin’s zoos pay tribute to former director

    Polar Bear Week at Zoo and Tierpark Berlin

    Cuddly ambassadors for climate protection

    My name is Urs

    Tierpark Berlin’s baby red panda is named after his famous sponsor

    In search of wild horses at Tierpark Berlin

    A Mongolian success story: wild Przewalski’s horse population growing

    Tierpark or Jurassic Park?

    A fierce dinosaur gets its teeth into the former Pachyderm House

    Communal living at Tierpark Berlin

    New habitat for small-clawed otters, babirusas and crested macaques

    A pleasure palace once more

    Friedrichsfelde manor house at Tierpark Berlin reopens with a new exhibition

    Sleepy little redhead

    Baby born to endangered species at Tierpark Berlin

    Age is just a number

    Tierpark Berlin’s Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo Nunsi gets a “toy boy”.

    Living the high life

    Presentation of construction plans for the new Himalayan habitat at Tierpark Berlin

    Let’s Dance!

    Tierpark Berlin brings threatened Coquerel’s sifaka to Europe for the first time

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