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Dinoworld Berlin!

Until October 2024, visitors to Tierpark Berlin can marvel at the gigantic beasts of the Mesozoic Era. Get your day ticket today – or purchase a limited Dino Ticket to enjoy some special extras.

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    Open daily from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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    Double the fun: tierpark + dino adventure

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    15 minutes from U Alexanderplatz

Get even more out of your Tierpark visit. With a Dino Ticket you get an exclusive magazine full of fascinating facts about the individual dinosaurs, puzzle pages for children, and exciting background information about the exhibition – all at an exclusive price.

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Turn your birthday celebration into a Tyranno-rific party! Discover the world of T. rex & co. with a special dino-themed children’s birthday party at Tierpark Berlin.



Find out tours for day-care groups, so even the littlest dino fans can enjoy a journey of discovery through Dinoworld Berlin.


Explore a wide range of dino activities for families.


Exploring Dinoworld Berlin on your own? No problem! Just print out a puzzlehunt form and you’re ready to go! If you work out the hidden word, you can also enter a dino competition!


Please note: Due to construction work, it is possible that you may have to skip some questions.


Want to know what awaits you?

T. rex to his friends

Tyrannosaurus rex actually had very few friends. This famous predator led a solitary life, roaming alone through open forests and river valleys. The best-known of all the dinos may also have been the most intelligent: it possessed the largest brain of all dinosaurs and was a skilled hunter. Scientists also believe that T. rex could see, hear and smell very well.

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Horn-faced heavyweight

At nine metres in length and weighing up to twelve tonnes, a Triceratops would have been an imposing beast to encounter in the Cretaceous period. It also had horns over a metre long, so it would be best to stay out of its way! However, the usually good-natured herbivore only used its weapons in an emergency.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s Quetzalcoatlus – king of the primeval skies! As well as being astonishingly tall, this pterosaur had a recordbreaking wingspan of around ten metres. Quetzalcoatlus is believed to be the largest flying vertebrate that has ever lived.

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  • Giraffe-Talk 12:30
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