Our Mission

The earth is home to countless fantastic animal species and we have committed ourselves to wildlife conservation. We want to inspire our guests, raise awareness for species conservation and make a sustainable contribution to global species protection.

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    A herd of zebras munches on blades of grass,

    ...gibbons swing from branch to branch, and shaggy bison roll around in the dry sand. Across Tierpark Berlin’s 160 hectares of parkland, visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and embark on a journey around the natural world.


    Welcome to Tierpark Berlin!


    Europe’s biggest landscaped park

    More than 8,000 zoo animals live in this diverse and expansive parkland. The elaborately designed gardens around Friedrichsfelde manor house are home to numerous beautiful and exotic plant species and more than 8,500 trees – several of which enjoy protected status.

    Our animals

    A journey across the continents

    For Berliners, the wonderful world of animals is right on their doorstep! And this colourful animal kingdom has so much to offer – from the majestic Sumatran tiger prowling noiselessly on velvet paws to the strange-looking naked mole rat with its tiny, almost sightless eyes. Guests of all ages can join exciting tours of discovery, journeying across continents and experiencing spectacular wildlife including giraffes, tigers and bears.

    Worlds of experience

    Prairie Dogs bark to warn their fellow species in case of danger. They owe their name to this doglike sound.

    Attention: low-flying birds!

    Our fascinating free-flight show at the Kiekemal woodland stage welcomes visitors to the wonderful world of raptors – featuring eagles, owls, vultures and more. Birds of prey perform spectacular aerial manoeuvres while an experienced handler provides fascinating facts about the feathered stars of the show.

    Experiencing diversity with all the senses

    Modern zoos are so much more than just popular leisure facilities; they also play an important role in species conservation, research and education. Zoos are where many children have their first contact with the diverse animal kingdom – whether it’s with tapirs, penguins or domestic goats. After all, photos and videos are no substitute for experiencing a gigantic elephant in real life.

    Pulling together

    Zoos play a major role in efforts to protect animal species from extinction. Tierpark Berlin not only contributes financially to species conservation projects around the world, it is also actively involved in international species protection programmes. Zoos have helped reintroduce species that were previously endangered or even extinct in their natural habitats.

    Our Species Conservation Projects

    Without the efforts of zoos, species like the red wolf, European bison, Przewalski’s horse and many more would probably no longer exist.

    Saving species together!

    Hand in hand with experts

    The animal kingdom still contains many mysteries, and Tierpark Berlin works closely with scientists to shed light on those mysteries. Together, we hope to gain important insight into behavioural biology, for instance. Scientific research makes an important contribution to species conservation, as research findings from zoos can be used to benefit the zoo animals’ relatives in the wild. Berlin’s zoos are engaged in fruitful collaboration with the city’s universities and with the renowned Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW).

    Learning about nature

    Education is an important tool for making the public aware of the need for species conservation measures. In our rapid-paced, digitalised modern society, there is a high risk of people losing their connection to the natural world. Visitors to Tierpark Berlin can discover the many and various types of habitat around the globe and learn about the animals that live there. Commentated feeding sessions with polar bears, penguins and more provide fascinating insight into the animal kingdom.

    Animal rescue!

    The Earth is home to an incredibly rich and diverse variety of species. But every year, thousands of species disappear from our planet forever. Help us put a stop to species extinction. It’s not too late, and every donation helps.

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