Rainforest House

A narrow path winds through lush vegetation, where brightly coloured birds sing their exotic songs. Through a small clearing, crocodiles can be seen lazing on the riverbank. Some distance away, leopards prowl through the tall grass, and visitors come face to face with awe-inspiring tigers. Welcome to the wildest jungle in Berlin – an homage to the diversity of Southeast Asia. The Alfred Brehm building reopened in 2020 following extensive renovation work. When it originally opened in 1963, the 5,000 m² building was the largest animal house in the world. It was designed by renowned architect Heinz Graffunder.


Although there is plenty of fascinating fun to be had in the Rainforest House, its message is a serious one: the world’s tropical paradises – some of the most species-rich areas on Earth – are under threat. Greed for resources and a growing human population are having an impact on these biodiversity hotspots: every minute an area of rainforest the size of dozens of football pitches is irrevocably destroyed. Traces of the disappearing rainforest can be found in many parts of our daily lives. Oil plantations, cattle farming and mining are the main culprits behind the destruction of our planet’s “green lungs”. At six research stations, visitors of all ages can embark on an interactive and fun quest to discover the many different ways in which we can all help protect the rainforest.

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