Monkey house

A howler monkey swings elegantly through the trees using its long prehensile tail. Amidst a rocky landscape, two geladas groom one another. A waterfall splashes down from an overhang in a habitat shared by various species. Pay a visit to Berlin’s gang of cheeky monkeys! At the Primate House you will meet various monkeys and lemurs from around the world – and discover some unusual animal flat shares.

Explore the topic of species conservation

The Tierpark’s #discoverConservation exhibition invites visitors of all ages to take an exciting tour of discovery and gain insight into the conservation projects that Tierpark Berlin supports around the world. At interactive learning stations, visitors can find out more about the important work being carried out by modern zoos. The 700 m² exhibition brings this important topic to life through games, audio stations and moving images. Visitors can browse through the Javan leopard’s interactive studbook, compete against one another in an endangered species memory game, and try out animal matchmaking – pairing up the right couple isn’t as easy as you might think!

The animal residents here are:

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Today, 26. February
9:00 - 18:00
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