Silvery Marmoset

Mico argentatus

Vertical climbers

Marmosets are the only monkeys to have claws instead of nails – except on their big toes ! That makes them well equipped for climbing vertically up and down tree trunks.


  • Origin

    South America: Northern Brazil

  • Habitat

    lowland rainforests

  • Diet

    Primarily tree sap, fruits, insects, spiders, larvae, seeds, snails, worms

  • Status

    least concern

  • Size

    52 cm

  • Weight

    Females up to 300 g
    Male up to 400 g

  • Gestation period

    approx. 140 to 145 days

  • Achievable age

    approx. 12 years

Threat Categories of IUCN

A sap-tapping tool

Marmosets belong to the family Callitrichidae (New World monkeys), which also includes tamarins. A difference between marmosets and tamarins is that the incisors in a marmoset’s lower jaw are as long as its canine teeth. This allows them to scrape holes in the tree bark in order to get at their favourite food: tasty tree sap!

Did you know?

Silvery marmosets drive away intruders with loud cries and
fierce faces. A stern frown and pursed lips can mean only
one thing: Get lost!

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