Roloway monkey

Cercopithecus roloway

Life in lofty heights

Roloway monkeys are skilled climbers who are perfectly adapted to life in high treetops. With a strong grip, zero vertigo, and long tails that work as a balancing aid, they spend most of their time in the uppermost levels of the rainforests.


  • Origin

    West Africa: Ivory Coast and Ghana

  • Habitat

    tropical rainforests and gallery forests

  • Diet

    Fruits, insects, seeds, flowers, leaves

  • Status

    critically endangered

  • Size

    approx. 40 to 55 cm

  • Weight

    Males: 5 kg; females: 4 kg

  • Gestation period

    approx. 6 months

  • Achievable age

    over 30 years

Threat Categories of IUCN

Family life at risk

These handsome primates live in small groups of about 15 individuals, consisting of one male, several females and their young. Deforestation, human encroachment (settlement and road building) and uncontrolled hunting for bushmeat is driving roloway monkeys to the brink of extinction.


Did you know that?

The roloway monkey is one of the 25 most endangered primate species in the world.

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