Family fun


    Embark on a special tour of discovery through Tierpark Berlin with one of our experienced guides. Get ready to learn fascinating animal facts and gain exclusive insight into daily life at the Tierpark – complete with the odd surprise or two!

    • Journey in dinosaurs time

      Immerse yourself in the adventurous world of dinosaurs and experience Dinoworld Berlin with all the background information on T. Rex & Co.

    • Tierpark 360°

      Which were the first animals at Tierpark Berlin, and how many of them were there? What’s the story of Friedrichsfelde manor house, and how is the Tierpark likely to look 20 years from now? Hear interesting Tierpark anecdotes and be amazed by exciting animal facts.

    • On safari

      The Tierpark safari allows you to discover the amazing world of African animals such as giraffes, zebras and cheetahs. How have these animals evolved to adapt to their natural habitat, and how do they survive in the wild?

    • Animals of Asia

      The animal kingdom of Asia is incredibly diverse, with habitats ranging from the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia to the icy heights of the Himalayas. But who else lives in the kingdom of the tigers and the realm of the snow leopards? This tour of discovery teaches you more about the Tierpark’s Asian inhabitants.

    • Saving our planet

      More and more species are threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Tierpark Berlin is working actively to stop that happening. Go on a species conservation expedition and learn more about the important work being carried out by modern zoos.

    • The secret world of animals

      Everyone knows animal celebrities like giraffes, tigers and flamingos. And yet the animal kingdom is so much bigger! Meet Tierpark inhabitants who may be lesser known but are just as interesting. Which animals determine rank by stench? What’s a Vietnamese sika, and what’s a guanaco?

      All at a glance!

      • No. of participants

        Max. 20 Persons

      • Language

        German or English; other languages can sometimes be arranged upon request

      • Duration

        approx. 90 min.

      • Prices

        Tour incl. special animal experience:      €150 
        (plus admission)

        Tour without special animal experience: €120 
        (plus admission)

      • Booking

        To ensure you can reserve your preferred date and time, please send a booking request at least 14 days in advance or even earlier for weekend bookings. The following information is required for booking an appointment:

        • Name, address and telephone number
        • Expected number of persons
        • preferred date and alternative date
        • Desired tour

        If you would like to book a handcart for your tour, please mention this in your booking request.

      Children’s birthdays

      A day at the Tierpark turns every children’s birthday party into an adventure, with tigers, giraffes and much more to discover! A range of different tours provide exciting peeks behind the scenes, and unique animal experiences make birthday wishes come true.


      Animal encounters

      Are you in love with graceful giraffes, giant tortoises, or adorable lemurs? How would you like to have a close encounter with your favourite animal at Tierpark Berlin? The keepers will introduce you personally and share their expert knowledge – as well as one or two amusing anecdotes.


      Exploring Dinoworld Berlin on your own? No problem! Just print out a puzzlehunt form and you’re ready to go! If you work out the hidden word, you can also enter a dino competition!


      Please note: Due to construction work, it is possible that you may have to skip some questions.

      The great Pittiplatsch family puzzlehunt

      The fun for big and small

      Explore the Tierpark Berlin with Pittiplatsch and his friends on an entertaining route - whoever finds the solution word can look forward to a small surprise in the Tierpark store at the entrance Bärenschaufenster. The riddle adventure starts with the polar bears and holds one or the other highlight ready: Big and small Pitti fans can snap a souvenir photo together with Pitti on an exclusively designed bench opposite the Kakadu terrace café.


      Puzzlehunt forms

      There are many ways to explore Tierpark Berlin – including completing the puzzlehunt on your own. Simply print out one of the following puzzlehunt forms and let the game begin!

      Please note: Due to construction work, it is possible that you will not be able to access all areas to answer all questions.


      evaluation monkeys

      Other material

      For adventure at home:


      The following puzzlehunts are particularly suitable for nurseries and after-school clubs:

      for nurseries (from 5 years)

      after-school club (from 9 years)

      Please note: Due to construction work, it is possible that you will not be able to access all areas to answer all questions.

    Opening hours

    Today, 24. September
    9:00 - 18:30
    Last admission: 17:00
    All opening hours

    Feedings & Trainings

    • Polar bear talk 11:00
    • Giraffe-Talk 12:30
    All feedings