Save the tree kangaroo!

Today is World Tree Kangaroo Day, so we thought we’d give you some insight into the work of one of our in situ project partners.

Tierpark Berlin supports the Tenkile Conservation Alliance, which uses an app called Protected Areas Monitoring (PAM) to research the habitat of the Scott’s tree kangaroo in Papua New Guinea and collect information on local biodiversity, culture, and environmental damage. Not only does the app make it easy to record information, it also saves paper. The project has already been able to prove that certain species are indeed living in the area – providing photographs where previously researchers had to rely on anecdotal evidence. This way, the size of local animal populations can be better determined over the coming years. In 2022, more than 25,000 observations were recorded – including sightings of the critically endangered Scott’s tree kangaroo. Only around 300 of these tree kangaroos are estimated to be living in the forests of Papua New Guinea – an alarmingly low number.

At the Tierpark, you can visit the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo in the habitat it shares with the dusky pademelons, also from Papua New Guinea.

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