Yellow-footed Rock-Wallaby

Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus

Beauty comes at a price

Until 1920, European settlers hunted this marsupial in large numbers for its striking coat. These days, the population of the Yellow-footed Rock-Wallaby is threatened by an invasive species: the domestic cat, which preys on the joeys.


  • Origin

    New South Wales and Queensland

  • Habitat

    hilly and mountainous regions

  • Diet

    Grasses and leaves

  • Status

    near threatened

  • Size

    48 to 65 cm

  • Weight

    6 to 11 kg

  • Gestation period

    33 days

  • Achievable age

    approx. 15 years

Threat Categories of IUCN


As their name suggests, these wallabies live in rocky landscapes, and they can actually climb. They can also jump across chasms up to four metres wide. They are only found out and about when it’s dark, usually spending the daytime in caves or shady clefts in the rock.

Did you know?

Females mate again immediately after giving birth. But since
the newborn joey is already occupying the mother’s pouch,
the new embryo barely starts to grow until the pouch is vacated.

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