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Tierpark Berlin is Europe’s biggest animal park. Set in 160 hectares of extensive and varied parkland, it is home to over 9,000 exotic and native animals.

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Animal news


Farewell to Lisa

Tierpark Berlin has had to put its female manatee to sleep.

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Growing old gracefully

Meet our golden oldies.

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#discoverConservation at Tierpark Berlin

A new way for visitors to gain hands-on experience of species conservation.

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Animal news


Go West!

Tierpark Berlin’s young male Indian rhinoceros Thanos leaves for the Netherlands.

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Fierce competition on and off the ice

Ice hockey vs. Tierpark: A fact-check

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The Tierpark is renowned for its Camel Pasture and Flamingo Lagoon, its listed tropical and predator house the Alfred Brehm building, and its majestic herds of giraffes and elephants. With its historic mansion Schloss Friedrichsfelde, free electric train rides, and exciting playgrounds, the Tierpark is a thrilling day-trip destination for the whole family. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and embark on a zoological journey around the world!

The expansive Tierpark is a wonderful place to take a stroll and discover the diversity of the animal kingdom. Don’t forget to check out the Lemur Woods, the free-flight show on the Kiekemal Waldbühne arena, and our beloved petting zoo. You can also watch various commentated feeding sessions. The Tierpark hosts a range of events from after-hours tours to children’s birthday parties. Tierpark Berlin makes an important contribution to species conservation efforts around the world and participates in various European and international endangered species programmes.