Lotte and Luise are sitting pretty

We just can’t get enough of our beautiful tiger twins.

    As you can see from these pictures, it’s fairly easy to tell the girls apart: Luise has larger eyes than Lotte. They also have quite different personalities. Inquisitive Lotte takes after her mother Mayang and likes to go off exploring, whereas tentative Luise is more like her father Jae and wary of change – like the arrival of new playthings. But both twins are equally bright and alert when they’re bounding around their habitat.

    To watch Lotte and Luise at play, come along to the Rainforest House in the Alfred Brehm building – which is well worth a visit in any weather, but particularly when it’s raining. Alongside the Sumatran tigers, the Rainforest House is home to Malay sun bears, bear cuscuses, our tree kangaroo Nunsi, and many other beautiful creatures.

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