A mega-vegan

Brachiosaurus is one of the largest animals ever to have roamed the Earth.

Thanks to its astonishingly long neck, this gigantic herbivore could effortlessly reach even the highest treetops in search of food. With its 30 spoon-shaped teeth, Brachiosaurus was adept at plucking off leaves and conifer needles – but it was not able to chew them. It therefore also swallowed stones to grind down the food in its stomach. Brachiosaurus was almost four times the size of a giraffe, and if it were alive today, it could easily drink out of the gutters on the roof of Schloss Friedrichsfelde manor house!

Want to learn more about the giants of the prehistoric era? Then take advantage of the last few days of the summer holidays and head to Dinoworld Berlin at the Tierpark! For more information and tickets, visit https://www.tierpark-berlin.de/en/tierpark-experience/dinoworld-berlin

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