Baby Boom at Tierpark Berlin

Lots of animal births across the monkeys, dholes and Co.

Spring awakening in Tierpark Berlin: There has been a great number of birthdays in Tierpark Berlin over the past few weeks. These are just some of the offspring that can be observed as of now:


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    Ring-tailed lemurs stir up excitement in the Tierpark
    We have long waited in vain for a ring-tailed lemur birth. Eddi, the only ring-tailed lemur male, has already reached the very stately age of 26. All the greater was the joy among the keepers when, on 23 March 2015, mother Mandy gave birth. The small ring-tailed lemur baby spends most of his days sitting on the back or belly of mother Mandy – the sex of the baby will remain a sweet secret, at least for the time being.

    Seven pups for the rare dholes

    Seven dhole pups were born in Tierpark Berlin on 23 March. The dhole pups spent the first five weeks of their lives being raised in a birthing cave self-dug by their mother, kept away from the visitors. The young pups have now begun exploring their enclosure over the past few days, where they have been happily enticing the other members of the pack to play. It is only the third time in the 25-year history of keeping the kiangsi dhole at Tierpark Berlin that there has been offspring growing up. There are now a total of eleven dholes living in Tierpark Berlin. Dholes are widespread in Asia from India to China to Java. The subspecies on display at Tierpark Berlin (Cuon alpinus lepturus) comes from central China, where they commonly inhabit forest areas. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorizes the dhole population as being under threat. Dholes are also quite rare in zoological gardens. The seven pups born in Berlin are therefore an important contribution to the European conservation breeding programme of this species.

    The takins get some female support

    The Mishmi takin girl Chanel was born on 20 March. It's the third pup for mother Charlotte. She cares lovingly for her woolly young. There was even an addition to the golden takins: Mother Zhouzi brought a female (Zhaoze) into the world on 25 March. Takins are endemic to the southeastern foothills of the Himalayas and are among the most critically endangered animal species worldwide. Tierpark Berlin is internationally renowned for the keeping and breeding of takins. A total of 22 takins from three different sub-species – 11 Mishmi takins, seven gold takins and four Sichuan takins – live in Tierpark Berlin.

    The first European birth of the rare gerenuk for 49 years

    Gerenuk Tayo (born on 27.2.2015) is now almost eight weeks old. The sweet tot with the long, thin legs now can finally take to the outdoors with mum and dad. For the first time! The sweet Gerenuk is already boisterously cavorting around the large enclosure, enjoying the sunshine.

    Even more animal babies can be found here:
    A black-white coloured llama boy was brought into the world on 4 April. There has also been births for the Bactrian camels and carabao since March. Carabao is the domestic form of the Asian water buffalo. Since a carabao birth is extremely rare in Europe, Tierpark Berlin is especially over the moon with the birth of the calves on 30 March. We have also had six Indian megabat babies, these hang on to their mothers and can be found in the walk-in tropical hall in the Alfred-Brehm House. Sweet Camilla the miniature donkey has been greeting visitors since the end of March.

    "We are delighted that we can now enter the warmer season with so many new offspring. Young animals are very animated and are a real treat for the guests to the Tierpark", explained Dr. Andreas Knieriem.

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