Petting zoo

A highlight for wannabe animal keepers! What does a goat smell like? How does a sheep’s fleece feel? Does it tickle when an inquisitive goat kid eats from your hand? At the petting zoo by the Kiekemal woodland stage, children can have a literally hands-on animal experience. And after all the petting, our animals are happy to receive a snack from the animal feed vending machine. These kinds of animal encounters leave a lasting impression on children.

Of course, the inhabitants of the petting zoo are free to decide whether they are in the mood to be stroked – if not, they can withdraw to the area reserved just for the animals. Although the children may be familiar with conventional goats and sheep, those in the petting zoo are particularly rare examples. Many old domestic breeds are now threatened with extinction.

The animal residents here are:

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Today, 26. February
9:00 - 18:00
Last admission: 17:00
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  • Our animals are full up. No more feeding sessions today.
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