Lemur Woods

In the Lemur Woods you can get up close to inquisitive ruffed lemurs. Ruffed lemurs live in the canopy of evergreen rainforests on the eastern coast of Madagascar. They spend more time in the treetops than other types of lemur. Their favourite activities are sunbathing and eating fruit. You can quietly observe these adorable animals in the walk-though Lemur Woods – and with a bit of luck you might get up close to one or two of them. However, please note that feeding the animals is not permitted!

Please note:  The opening times of the Lemur woods can vary. When entering, please note the following:

  • Disinfect your hands
  • Do not touch animals

The animal residents here are:

Opening hours

Today, 25. April
9:00 - 18:30
Last admission: 17:00
All opening hours

Feedings & Trainings

  • Gibbons 15:30
  • Red pandas 17:00
All feedings