Enchanted Forest

While adults relax under leafy trees on the terrace of the Patagona restaurant, children can explore the mysterious world of the neighbouring Enchanted Forest. For the littlest visitors, right next to the terrace is a sand pit with a jumble of letters that look as if they’ve fallen straight out of a book of fairy tales. Here, in the front garden of mythical creatures researcher Dr Linde, smaller children can play freely while remaining in sight of their parents.

Directly behind is the place where adventures begin for older explorers. An enormous open book functions as a portal into an enchanted world and magical woodland play area. A winding path leads children through a rocky landscape where trolls have been turned to stone and now serve as fun climbing walls. Behind every corner of this magical land a new adventure awaits. This is a place where children can run, climb, hide and balance to their heart’s content!

Opening hours

Today, 26. February
9:00 - 18:00
Last admission: 17:00
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  • Our animals are full up. No more feeding sessions today.
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