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    Today, 29. November
    9:00 - 16:00
    Last admission: 15:30

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    Welcome to Tierpark Berlin!

    In former East Berlin, a short train ride from Alexanderplatz, lies Tierpark Berlin – Europe’s largest animal park! Set in 160 hectares of beautiful parkland around the historic Friedrichsfelde manor house, the Tierpark is home to animals from all over the world.

    We are passionate about protecting species

    Over a million species worldwide are threatened with extinction. Tierpark Berlin is committed to protecting animals and habitats around the world via its Berlin World Wild conservation programme.

    Berlin World Wild

    • In the Rainforest House, our little bear cuscus Dolly clambers steadily from branch to branch by the side of her mum Duza and dad Garret.

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      A little help from prehistory

      Dinosaurs are probably the best-known symbol of mass animal extinction – a topic that is more relevant today than ever before in human history. More than 37,000 species worldwide are currently considered to be in imminent danger of extinction. Donations made as part of our dinosaur sponsorship scheme go directly towards our Berlin World Wild programme, which helps protect threatened animals and their habitats the world over.

      From dinosaur fan to conservationist


      Opening hours

      Today, 29. November
      9:00 - 16:00
      Last admission: 15:30
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      Feedings & Trainings

      • Polar bear talk 11:00
      • Meals on the trot 12:00
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