Questions and answers concerning your visit to Tierpark Berlin.

Is two hours enough to explore the entire Tierpark?

To fully explore the Tierpark in only two hours is not possible due to the 160 ha size. Nobody wants you to race through the leisure park, so if you are a bit restricted for time then just visit a part of the Tierpark and look forward to exploring the rest another time. This is even possible 365 days a year with the annual ticket!

Which attractions will I find in the Tierpark?

Of course, each animal is an attraction in itself, but just check out the Lemur Woods, the snake farm and in any event, the elephants and giraffes – these impressive animals always ensure astonished looks. By the way, it's worthwhile just making your own voyage of discovery across the Tierpark.

Can I order wheelchairs and hand carts in advance?

You can of course reserve wheelchairs; this isn't possible though with hand carts for children.

Can I bring my dog along with me?

You are more than welcome to bring your dog along with you to Tierpark Berlin. But please keep them on a tight leash.

Do you also sell hourly tickets?

No, we only offer daily or annual tickets because in order to fully experience Tierpark Berlin in its entire animal and plant diversity, you should take a few hours time to do so and reflect upon this.

Do I get a discount on the entrance price just before the Tierpark closes?

No, we don't offer such a discount.

Is there a discount for OAPs?

No, unfortunately there isn't currently a discount for OAPs.

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