Animal Feedings and Shows

In addition to the daily feedings, one of the main tasks of the keepers in the Tierpark is to keep the animals entertained with the help of playful training. They demonstrate their skills in popular shows while the audience has the chance to learn more about the behaviour of their favourite animals – that makes edutainment fun for everyone!

Commentated feedings

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Giraffes1 Time 12:30 pm
Asian elephants
Next to the outdoor enclosure of the Asian elephants.
Time 3:00 pm


Monkeys Time 2:30 pm
Red pandas
October - March
Time 2:30 pm

1At times of pronounced winter weather (e.g. frost), the feeding will take place inside the giraffe house.

2Next to the outdoor enclosure of the asian elephants.

Changes can be made to the feeding plan for good reason.

Meals on the trot

Every Wednesday our goats help out with the feed at 12 noon. Watch our express feed delivery service stop off by the racoons, the budgerigars and the porcupines. The tour starts at Bilbos Hoppelland, where the bunnies live.*

*Not in rainy, stormy or frosty weather