28. February 2020

Flashlight tours for kids at the Aquarium

Lights off – flashlights on!

Guided sessions at Aquarium Berlin in the evenings

Click-clack. It's 6pm, the lights in the Aquarium Berlin go out: but the evening mood is well and truly alive for a number of the inhabitants there... unexpected sounds echo against the evening background, the branches rustle in the terrarium, wild gurgles ripple across the pools, erratic splashing from all corners. Only the flashlights can now break through the darkness!

The curious among us can experience a nocturnal voyage of discovery through Aquarium Berlin from Autumn 2016. With flashlights in tow, we take a wander through the deserted floors with experienced zoo school guides. Beams of light point the way – exposing the mysterious creatures of the night to the left and right. For with the fall of dusk, all those Aquarium inhabitants make an appearance that are hidden away in their caves and nests during the day: Mighty catfish and moray eels do their lengths, snakes embark on the hunt, scorpions scurry along, the Malayan leaf frogs begin their nightly concert.

The young guests should be especially aware: There's no need to be afraid of the dark.

The flashlight tours for children (parents can also take part) take place from November till March

The tours start at 6:15 PM and last approx. 90 mins. The tickets cost €20 for adults / €14 for children and can be purchased at all ticket offices, in the Aquarium as well as at the Infopoint of Zoo Berlin.