- 16. June 2019
15. June 2019

Dog’s Day at Tierpark Berlin

All about dogs on two days in the middle of the Tierpark

This weekend the dog’s day at Tierpark Berlin takes place. During the last years, this event turned to the greatest information market for dog lovers.

Needless to say, all four-legged friends will have free admission, as every day throughout the year. Over 100 exhibitors are offering their products. A great variety of activities with and for your dogs will be presented. Of course, there will be enough space to frolic around or to take a swim in the dog’s pool.

Breed of dogs will be introduced. Clubs, Breeders and Initiatives are giving an overview of their work. Watch rescue dogs, therapy dogs, companion dogs and even sledge dogs while doing their jobs. All about dogs will be offered – from food and accessories to adventures for the whole family, also dog dancing and dog massage. The Tierpark Berlin is inviting all dog lovers and their f friends for this weekend.

The Tierpark Berlin with its 160ha is a popular all-season excursion destination for dog owner. With its generous animal displays and large park the Tierpark is a gorgeous setting for this unique in all of Germany dog’s day.