Annual tickets for the Tierpark Berlin

Fun is guaranteed 365 days of the year in the Tierpark Berlin with an annual ticket. Treat yourself to the combi-card with the Aquarium and Zoo Berlin for even more fun.

Annual Tickets

3 in 1-KombiCard Tierpark
Adults 96,00€ 49,00 €
4 up to 15 years
49,00 € 25,00 €
Small Families
(1 adult and his or her children up to 15 years)
118,00 € 60,00 €
Large Families
(2 adults and their children up to 15 years)
195,00 € 99,00 €
students, apprentices, ALG I+II recipients, the severely disabled and their accompa-niment, accompaniment if explicitly required on the disabled visitor’s ID
79,00 € 40,00 €

Important details concerning the purchase of an annual ticket

All family members must be present when applying for an annual family ticket. The ticket is individually personalised to the holder with a digital photo and is transferred to such a person directly.

You're not obliged to bring your own photo for the ticket. We can do this on-site. Please note that annual tickets are non-transferable.

Benefits of purchasing an annual ticket

The Tierpark annual ticket enables you to enjoy a 50 % discount on all entrance fees at Aquarium Berlin as well as at Zoo Berlin.