Make animal connections: Become an animal sponsor!

Which animal have you especially taken to heart? Support your darling and the many other animals in Tierpark Berlin with your personal sponsorship.

How much does an adoption cost?

You can take out (for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one) a sponsorship for an annual fee starting at €100. You can take out a sponsorship for the 'large' animal inhabitants such as tigers, rhinoceroses or elephants from €1000.

What is my sponsorship contribution used for?

Your sponsorship helps to make a lasting contribution to the care of the animals and to continually improve the animal management.

Which animals are available?

You will find a small selection of examples of animals that can be sponsored with your annual contribution here. You haven't found your desired animal partner? No problem. We will gladly advise you and work with you to find the most suitable animal.

Short-eared elephant shrew
Naked mole-rat

Golden pheasant

American white pelican
Yellow-billed stork
Black-tailed prairie dog

American flamingo
Skudde sheep
Thuringian goat
Coconut lorikeet
Radiated tortoise

Silvery marmoset
North american porcupine
Chacoan peccaries
Striated caracara
Snowy owl

Persian fallow deer
Mhorr gazelle
Ring-tailed lemur

Spotted hyena
King vulture

Mishmi Takin

Red panda
Iberian wolf
White-handed gibbon
Dwarf crocodile


Przewalski's horse
European bison
Chinese alligator
Chapman's zebra
Somali wild ass



And many thanks to you

Our thank you for each animal sponsor:

  • Sponsorship certificate
Mrs Antje Brose

Still got questions?

Are you interested in a sponsorship or would you like to give one as a present?

Don't hesitate and simply write an email to the address Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Complete an animal adoption conveniently online:

Found your ideal sponsorship? Simply fill out the online payment form and submit. After receiving the sponsor contribution, you will receive your certificate and donation receipt.

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