Sponsorships at Tierpark Berlin

By undertaking a sponsorship, you will get a treat for yourself, or for someone else if you use it as a gift, and develop animal ties with Tierpark Berlin. Your support helps in the maintenance and upkeep of the animals. You are also very welcome to take out a sponsorship by bank transfer.

Mrs Antje Brose

Still got questions?

Are you interested in a sponsorship or would you like to give one as a present?

Don't hesitate and simply write an email to the address patenschaft@noSpamtierpark-berlin.de. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Online sponsorship tool + bank details for sponsorship contributions:

If you have questions, then simply give us a call on tel.: 030 25 401 290 or write an email to the address patenschaft@zoo-berlin.de. We're happy to take any questions!

Sponsorship account Tierpark Berlin
Commerzbank AG
IBAN: DE18 1208 0000 0144 0007 00

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