Do you wish to make a contribution to the lasting preservation of the animal oasis in Berlin? You can make a significant difference in the development and support of the Tierpark with a donation to one of our two foundations.

Zoologischer Garten Berlin Foundation

The Zoologischer Garten Berlin Foundation was founded by Zoo Berlin in 2011. It's aim is to support Zoo Berlin and Tierpark Berlin in fulfilling its various tasks with ongoing financial aid. The current focus of the support is on diverse and important species conservation projects of Zoo Berlin and in doing so, they address one of the main pillars of modern zoos: The protection of species through conservation breeding and the conservation of species in their natural habitats. The Zoologischer Garten Berlin Foundation is currently supporting a project for the emergency aid of bonobos in the Congo as well as a project for the reintroduction of orangutans into the wild on Sumatra.

Stiftung Zoologischer Garten Berlin


Do you want to contribute to the long-term preservation of the animal havens of Berlin? With your donation to the 'Hauptstadtzoos' Foundation, you can play a significant part in the development and advancement of the Zoo, Aquarium and Tierpark Berlin.

'Hauptstadtzoos' Foundation