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Far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, in the Berlin district of Friedrichsfelde, is the largest animal park in Europe. Stretching over 160 hectares, Tierpark Berlin is home to many exotic animals as well as rare native species. Support Tierpark Berlin and help us care for our almost 9,000 feathered, furry and scaly inhabitants.


Polar bears – ambassadors for the Arctic

They may look cuddly with their snowy white fur and cute button eyes – but our polar bears are no teddies! They are important ambassadors for the conservation of their fellows in the wild. Polar bears are under threat because the Arctic pack ice they need to survive is melting. By supporting the polar bears at Tierpark Berlin, you are helping to ensure these fascinating Arctic animals are around for future generations to admire.

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A rainforest home for Sumatran tigers, Javan leopards and more

The historical Alfred Brehm building is currently being modernised and converted into a fascinating rainforest habitat for endangered animals of southeast Asia. Cages are being replaced with larger, more natural enclosures and bars are giving way to panoramic windows. Any amount you can afford will help us to complete this ambitious and important project. Donors who give €1,000 or more will be treated to an exclusive tour of the site, where they will be able to gain an initial impression of this exciting new world.

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Support for the Tierpark

Tierpark Berlin is the largest animal park in Europe and home to almost 9,000 animals. Feeding and caring for all these creatures is an expensive business. We want to be able to foster a love of animals and nature for generations to come and are passionate about further developing this wonderful world of animal encounters. Every donation we receive helps us to feed our animals, give them medical treatment, provide them with playthings, and finance necessary improvement measures. We would be delighted to receive your support.

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Your donation helps!

We are able to finance much more than just the food and care of our animals with the donations of our sponsors. All aquaria and tanks are maintained and structurally adapted in accordance with the latest insights of modern animal management. We have a lot on our agenda at Tierpark Berlin for the future.