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Presentation of construction plans for the new Himalayan habitat at Tierpark Berlin

    An exciting new geographical zone is emerging at Tierpark Berlin. Here, we share some first impressions of the Tierpark’s Himalayan habitat during the official opening of its impressive portal by Berlin’s Finance Senator Dr Matthias Kollatz and the subsequent tour of the site.

    New inhabitants are moving into the Tierpark’s mountainous area, which used to house animals such as moose, Ural owls and dholes. By the end of the year, the area will be home to around 100 individuals of 20 different Himalayan species. From early 2022, visitors will be able to admire famous Himalayan natives like red pandas, snow leopards and bearded vultures, as well as lesser-known beauties such as golden takins, gorals, manuls, kiangs and satyr tragopans.

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    Today, 22. September
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    • Free-flight show 13:30


    Am Tierpark 125, 10319 Berlin

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