Tierpark News

Your visit during the corona pandemic

The following information should give you an overview of the current situation and answer some frequently asked questions.

Most frequent questions

No exception to the mask requirement

In order to contain the further spread of infections caused by the coronavirus and to protect guests and employees, a mouth and nose covering is required in all buildings of the zoo/Tierpark/in the aquarium without exception. Please understand that you cannot be exempted from this requirement even with a medical certificate.

In accordance with current Berlin Senate rules, visitors must wear a nose and mouth covering in all queues - both in the entrance area of the Tierpark and on the Tierpark grounds.

For several months now, the coronavirus has been turning all our lives upside down. There have been many new restrictions, and normal behaviour has had to be altered and adapted. Of course, Zoo, Tierpark and Aquarium Berlin have also been impacted by these changes, and it is currently only possible to visit the facilities under certain conditions. This is a difficult situation for us, but the health of our visitors, staff and animals is always our top concern.

The following information should give you an overview of the current situation and answer some frequently asked questions.

1. Basic information

Zoo and Tierpark Berlin reopened with regular hours (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) on 28 April 2020. The Aquarium reopened on 27 June (opening hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

2. Tickets

2.1. Where can I purchase day tickets?

Tickets for the Tierpark are available online. They can be booked quickly and easily via the following links: 

2.2. Where can I get combined tickets for the Zoo and Aquarium?

Combined tickets for the Zoo and Aquarium are also available online (via the links under 2.1). Simply choose “Flex ticket” after you have decided which day you would like to visit. These tickets not only grant you access to both the Zoo and Aquarium, they also mean you are not tied to a particular time slot on the day of your visit. Combined annual passes are available for purchase at the Löwentor entrance to Zoo Berlin. Please note that, at the moment, annual pass holders must also book a specific time slot for their visit in advance online (for further information, see Section 3).

2.3. Can I purchase a day ticket at the entrance?

Since 4 July, a limited number of ticket booths selling day tickets have been open at the entrances for those visitors with no internet access. However, this system will only continue to work in the current situation if no large queues form, so please do continue to book tickets online wherever possible.

2.4. Can I still use my annual pass to visit the Tierpark whenever I want?

Of course your annual pass remains valid, but it can currently only be used in combination with a reservation for a particular day and time slot – which must be booked in advance online. During the pandemic, you will not be able to choose your visiting times as flexibly as you could before. Instead, you will have to decide in advance which day you wish to visit and at what time of day. Time slots can be reserved quickly, easily and free of charge via the following links after you have entered your annual pass number (as it appears on your card): 

Tierpark Berlin: https://tickets.tierpark-berlin.de/tierparkberlin/ctrl/promotioncodelogin/event/362adb42-b1d9-4530-aa5c-fb1be8b033af/en-US

2.5. How can I renew my annual pass? How can I buy an annual pass?

Annual pass sales points are open at the Zoo’s Löwentor entrance and at both Tierpark entrances. However, please note that if long queues start to form at the annual pass sales points, we would kindly ask you to come back at another time or on another day.

2.6. Must I reserve a time slot in advance in order to renew my annual pass or purchase a new one?

No. When you renew your annual pass or purchase a new one, you will automatically receive a reservation for the current or next available time slot so that you are able to visit the Zoo, Tierpark or Aquarium immediately.

2.7. Do I have to print my tickets out?

No, the QR code on your online ticket can also be scanned from your smartphone or tablet. Please have your online ticket open when you reach the gates and ensure that your screen is as bright as possible. 

2.8. Do I have to leave the Tierpark by the end of the time slot I have booked?

In principle, we ask all our guests to restrict their visit to the time slot they have reserved. After all, we will only be able to remain open in the current circumstances if everyone shows consideration towards one another and is willing to compromise. However, the time slots are intended first and foremost to stipulate arrival time.

2.9. Can I change my chosen date or time slot after I have completed my booking?

No. The date and time booked when making your purchase are binding and cannot be altered after the transaction is completed.

2.10. Are discounted day tickets currently available?

Discounted tickets can now be purchased from the service points by the entrances (clearly marked). Discounted tickets are for school pupils, students, trainees, unemployed people and disabled people carrying the relevant identification. 

2.11. Where can I buy group tickets?

Group tickets for the Zoo and Tierpark are available from the service points at the entrances (clearly marked). Group visits to the Aquarium are not yet possible.

2.12. What if I already have a valid ticket or a complimentary ticket?

Online tickets, tickets purchased in advance (e.g. from BVG ticket machines), and complimentary tickets can be presented at the service points by the entrances (clearly marked) for an immediate visit. Advance online registration is not necessary.

3. Precautionary measures

  • In accordance with current Berlin Senate rules, visitors must wear a nose and mouth covering in all queues - both in the entrance area of the Tierpark and on the Tierpark grounds.
  • At the Tierpark, the renovated Alfred Brehm building, Giraffe House and Primate House are also open once more. Visitors (aged six and over) must wear a nose and mouth covering in all animal houses. The same applies at the Tierpark’s Lemur Woods.
  • All the playgrounds have reopened, as has the water play area in the Tierpark. Of course, the hygiene and conduct rules also apply at the playgrounds.
  • There is currently no handcart hire.
  • The little electric train is up and running once again. Passengers (aged six and over) must wear a nose and mouth covering.
  • In order to avoid the further spread of infections caused by the coronavirus, the winter break of the flight show starts a little earlier and so the show will no longer take place this year. Commentated feeding sessions are currently on hold.
  • Some cafés and snack points are offering food and drinks to take away, and some restaurant areas are operating, in accordance with current Berlin Senate rules. The Tierpark shops are open with controlled access, although they are not functioning as exits from the park at this time. Visitors must wear a nose and mouth covering in all shops.
  • The Schloss Friedrichsfelde manor house is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Visitors must wear a nose and mouth covering.

4. Rules of conduct

  • Of course, the Berlin Senate’s rules on hygiene and conduct also apply at the Tierpark. Visitors must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from all other people wherever possible.
  • Please avoid touching glass panels and other surfaces.

Staff members will be patrolling the parks in order to ensure adherence to the rules of conduct. In case of violations of the rules, we may be forced to ban certain individuals or even close the park entirely.