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Give us a “K”!

Tierpark Berlin’s baby rhino is named Karl

On 18 September, the little (and still hornless) rhinoceros recently born at Tierpark Berlin was finally given a name: Karl. Keepers celebrated the occasion by spelling out the name in large letters assembled from apples and carrots. The calf’s name was chosen by his sponsor.
Little Karl is now just over two weeks old. He is developing very well and spends more time each day exploring the outdoor habitat of the Pachyderm House. He has also already put on a good amount of weight, currently tipping the scales at around 65 kilos. Rhinos reach maturity at five or six years of age and can weigh up to two tonnes when fully grown.
Following a gestation period of 482 days, Indian rhinoceros Betty (23) gave birth to her seventh calf on 5 September. The experienced mother had no complications delivering her roughly 55-kilo baby. A baby rhino needs to drink about 20 to 25 litres of milk a day and develops an interest in solid food at about two weeks of age. However, young rhinos continue to drink their mother’s milk for roughly 18 months. Rhinoceroses are born without a horn to avoid injuring the mother. The father of this little Indian rhino is 28-year-old Belur. As is usual with rhinos, Belur will not be involved in the rearing of the calf.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) currently classifies the Indian rhino as “Vulnerable”. Today, there are approximately 3,500 Indian rhinoceroses living in India and Nepal.