Eye to eye with our jungle beasts

The Sumatran tiger habitat will measure 300 m2 and be separated from the visitor area by large panoramic windows.

Though it may not look like it just yet, this area will eventually be a nursery for our Sumatran tiger cubs Willi, Oskar, Seri and Kiara. Over the past few weeks, the hollow walls and former moat have been filled to offer the Sumatran tigers more than twice as much space as the old habitat for playing, climbing and napping. In their future home, which will bear a much closer resemblance to the animals’ natural habitat, the quadruplets and their mother Mayang (7) will be able to get their claws into old tree trunks, splash around in a small river and pool, and prowl through lush vegetation.

Large panoramic windows awaiting installation

Once the renovation of the Alfred Brehm building is complete, visitors can look forward to a close encounter of a special kind: through large panoramic windows, they will come face to face with the kings and queens of the jungle and gain a whole new perspective on these fascinating animals. Standing in such close proximity to a Sumatran tiger is a particularly rare experience, as this is one of the most endangered big cats in the world. It is estimated that only around 600 tigers remain in the rainforests of Sumatra.

Eye to eye with the kings and queens of the jungle…

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