A trip to the tropics!

Work is coming along nicely on the clouded leopard and Malayan sun bear habitats. Climbing facilities have been installed and dense vegetation planted, meaning that the animals should be able to move in at the start of next year. At around 1,000 m² in size and 16 metres in height, the Tropical Hall is the centrepiece of the listed Alfred Brehm building. Now it has been restored to its former glory. From next year, visitors to the building will be immersed in the colourful sights and sounds of a tropical Southeast Asian rainforest all year round, complete with exotic birds and lurking crocodiles.

Opening in spring 2020
Reconstruction of the Alfred Brehm building was delayed when its condition was found to be significantly worse than expected, but now we can look forward to its reopening in just a few months’ time. Once the building’s residents have moved in and grown accustomed to their new home, visitors will finally be able to admire Sumatran tigers, tree kangaroos and more in the new-and-improved facility. With floor-to-ceiling panes of glass and some walk-through habitats, from spring 2020 the new Rainforest House will offer Tierpark visitors of all ages the chance to admire tropical animals up close and gain thrilling insight into their natural environment.

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