radioBERLIN 88.8 is sponsoring a pot-bellied pig girl

"Let's save the Tierpark … well, at least in some small way!“, Sarah Zerdick and Djamil Deininger, moderators of "Guten Morgen, Berlin", used this motto in their quest for an animal sponsorship - and the listeners of radioBERLIN 88.8 were able to vote as to which animal it should be. The choice was between: a pot-bellied pig, an American flamingo and a short-beaked echidna.

The favourite choice of moderator Sarah Zerdick was quite clearly the little echidna, which isn't only very cute, but is actually one of the very few mammals that lay eggs. Djamil Deininger saw his own animal likeness in the majestic flamingo and therefore chose that as his preferred animal to sponsor.

Both moderators tried to bargain, but it was the pot-bellied pig girl that quickly captured the hearts of the listeners of radioBERLIN 88.8. With a large majority of 54%, the votes came flooding in for the characteristic proboscidean. The listeners then also voted on a name for the very lucky winner. Out of hundreds of suggestions, such as Friederike, Bacon or Hertha, an exotic name prevailed in the end: Djamila.
The name comes from Arabic and means "the beautiful one". A name like something out of "One Thousand and One Nights" now adorns the animal sponsored by Sarah Zerdick and Djamil Deininger.

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