Tiger cubs Alisha and Dragan explore their new home in Tierpark Berlin.

You surely already know Alisha: The sweet tiger girl was born in December 2014 in Tierpark Berlin. Unfortunately the cub's mother Aurora didn't have a sufficient amount of milk and Alisha had to be nurtured by the keepers using a bottle. In March 2015 Alisha went to Zoo Eberwalde, to meet tiger boy Dragan. Both tiger cubs got along well with each other right from the off and have been inseparable ever since. Last Friday they moved to Tierpark Berlin together. After having become accustomed to their new (old) home after a few days, both Amur tigers were allowed to see their new open-air enclosure for the first time today. At first, they eyed and sniffed at their new surroundings cautiously. Both the little tigers stuck together the whole time. And even though Alisha was indeed born in the Tierpark, it was actually Dragan who was courageous in his lead. As soon as it was ensured that the coast was clear, both the tiger cubs lost their shyness and it was time for fun: Running games, catch, pull the tail... And then off into the water, what almighty splashes!

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