Happy Family at Tierpark Berlin

Little Tayo is now just 8 weeks old. The gerenuk with the thin legs now can finally take to the outdoors with mum and dad. For the first time! Tayo blinks with uncertainty as he takes in the first rays of sunshine. He closes his eyes and lets the warmth work its magic. When nothing bad happens, he looks around and continues to teeter cautiously. Puffing his tiny nostrils out, Tayo appears to cautiously take in the scents of nature and then begin to enjoy them. Of course, he always stays very close to his mum and dad – just in case something bad actually happens. But nothing bad does happen.

Tayo has now gotten use to the sun, wind and the visitors. The sweet Gerenuk is already boisterously cavorting around the large enclosure. Tayo still drinks his mum's milk, but he has also started to nibble his first branches. In order to reach the most delicious leaves, gerenuks tend to make full use of their hind legs. But Tayo is still just a bit too small. He'll have to just watch on and copy his mum and dad for a while – and practise in secret.

Sensation at Tierpark Berlin

Gerenuk Tayo is certainly not aware of how much a sensation he is: No gerenuk has been born in Europe now for 49 years. It's no wonder that everyone in Tierpark Berlin is over the moon. Tierpark Berlin received the gerenuks from the Los Angeles and Phoenix zoos just two years ago. And we already have healthy offspring now!

International cooperation

This birth is the first result of a successful piece of international cooperation. U.S. ambassador John Emerson even visited Tierpark Berlin especially to christen the young gerenuk.

Happy Tayo

"The name Tayo means born to live a happy life". We're doing everything we can in Tierpark Berlin to give Tayo and his parents a good life. Have you been moved and would like to support Tierpark Berlin yourself?
Here you can read all about donations to Tierpark Berlin – and do your good deed online.

Would you like to be an animal sponsor? Here you can find all the important information about sponsorships at Tierpark Berlin.

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