A villa for pupils and young researchers

The legendary Dathe villa in Tierpark Berlin opens its doors! Since 1955 only the Zoo directors have lived here – no visitor has ever set foot in the grounds.

Things are different now: The Tierpark school has moved into the time-honored premises and the laughter of children can already be heard down the corridors.
The entire educational department of Tierpark Berlin is now situated under one roof for the very first time. School classes and day-care centers will fill the building with life from now on. It is also the place to go for the experienced Tierpark guides. Even the traditional youth club has its own rooms in the new Tierpark school – and provides weekly afternoon events for interested junior natural scientists.

The Tierpark school offers:

· Classrooms for lively biology classes

· A research area with exciting exhibits

There is a total of 200 square meters of living space available over two floors and a huge garden, in the middle of Tierpark Berlin, for fascinating activities covering everything to do with the animal kingdom and nature.

Hard work and research has been taking place in the new Tierpark school since September – all that hard work can be furthered with a stroll through the Tierpark. Learning really can be fun.

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