Elephant cow DASHI is vaccinated in Tierpark Berlin

The vaccination of the oldest African elephant cow Dashi (47 years old) on the 21 April 2015 seen Tierpark Berlin draw attention to the Germany-wide campaign day Vaccinations for Africa! undertaken by the NGO Veterinarians Without Borders e.V.

Board Member Boaz Abraham and Friederike Schulze Hülshorst, the Managing Director of Veterinarians Without Borders Germany, were also invited to Tierpark Berlin for this special occasion. Abraham is a vet himself and has already worked in the Tierpark for several months during his practical year under the guidance of zoo vet Dr. Strauss. And this is how the relationship with Veterinarians Without Borders came to pass. "The proximity to Tierpark Berlin was spatially and ideationally perfect", said Schulze Hülshorst.

As a development organization from Berlin, we support those in East Africa who live on animal husbandry. Who could be a better ambassador for our "Vaccinations for Africa!" campaign day than an African animal? (Schulze Hülshorst)

Board Member Abraham himself was involved in the cowpox vaccination and is especially happy that he was able to help elephant cow Dashi: "I was particularly fascinated with elephants during my placement." There was an extraordinary interest with Dashi and her vaccination, which was very pleasant and natural. The procedure was done and dusted after only a short prick. The elephant cow is benefiting from her newly found immunization and Veterinarians Without Borders from a grand gesture by Tierpark Berlin.

The "Vaccinations for Africa!" campaign day will run on 5 May 2015. The next program for "Veterinarians Without Borders": Those who go to vaccinate their pets in one of the 1,250+ veterinary practices taking part on this day will be supporting the effort to combat rabies in Kenya without undue expense. The principle is simple: Participating veterinarians will be vaccinating pets as usual on 5 May - without any extra costs for the owner. These veterinarians will then donate 50 percent of the vaccination costs on this day to "Veterinarians Without Borders". The donations in 2015 will help the organization finance a project in which herding dogs are vaccinated against rabies. Pet owners can find participating practices at www.impfenfuerafrika.de.

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