Chipmunks romp around in the Predator House

Chip and Chap are two Himalayan dwarf chipmunks that live in Tierpark Berlin. Both of them don't exactly look like you would expect predators to look like. Furry brush ears, curious beady eyes and a long bushy tail are more reminiscent of plush toy animals. Chip and Chap are also vegetarians – but a few insects in between meal times never go a miss. Apart from anything else, they prefer a Paleo diet: Nuts and seeds.

Nevertheless, a move to the Predator House was in the offing, the so-called "Alfred-Brehm House". 21. August 2015 seen their (transport) boxes packed, goodbyes to their neighboring sun bears exchanged and off they went to their new home. A lovely chipmunk play area was already there waiting of them! A new home with branches, trunks, tree holes. Chip and Chap can spend their days climbing, jumping, hiding or just dozing away. And their new neighbours (the binturong and serval) aren't that nasty after all!

Himalayan dwarf chipmunks are part of the sciurini genus and live in Bhutan, Malaysia or in Thailand.

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