A word from our keepers – Part 3: Rainforest creatures

For many animal keepers their job isn’t just their profession, it’s their passion. Since 2015, the 4th of October has been “International Zookeeper Day” – a day that focuses on the remarkable efforts and achievements of animal keepers in zoos around the world. This year, Tierpark Berlin is dedicating an entire week to its staff – by celebrating “Zookeeper Week”. Each day, different members of staff report on their daily work and the challenges they face. Today we hear from Jim Schmitt of the rainforest habitat.

Animal gratitude

Jim Schmitt is currently feeding the honey badgers – small, bold and incredibly fast carnivorous mammals. They are just one of many species that the keeper works with. The Tierpark’s rainforest habitat is also home to small and big cats, reptiles and amphibians.”

Jim Schmitt has worked at the Tierpark since 2013. He has enjoyed the same level of job satisfaction from day one: "I really love being an animal keeper. Every day I experience the gratitude of the animals, and I have a lot of fun working with them. For me it’s the most wonderful thing there is.”

Jim is one of our younger employees, and he is keen to pass on an important message to aspiring animal keepers: “We have a great responsibility to the animals. You have to be willing to give your best every day.”

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