June 2015

What Should We Call the Little Pig?

"Let's save the Tierpark … well, at least in some small way!“, Sarah Zerdick and Djamil Deininger, moderators of "Guten Morgen, Berlin", used this motto in their quest for an animal sponsorship - and the listeners of radioBERLIN 88.8 were able to vote as to which animal it should be. The choice was between: a pot-bellied pig, an American flamingo and a short-beaked echidna.

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Tender Spines at the Tierpark

There's normally not a lot going on in the porcupine enclosure. The animals lay sluggishly in the sun and doze the day away. Or eat. Yet there has been quite the hullabaloo over the past 3 weeks: Two baby porcupines have been curiously exploring their new terrain.

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