April 2015

A Prick for Africa

The vaccination of the oldest African elephant cow Dashi (47 years old) on the 21 April 2015 seen Tierpark Berlin draw attention to the Germany-wide campaign day Vaccinations for Africa! undertaken by the NGO Veterinarians Without Borders e.V.

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The First Rays of Sun for Tayo

Little Tayo is now just 8 weeks old. The gerenuk with the thin legs now can finally take to the outdoors with mum and dad. For the first time! Tayo blinks with uncertainty as he takes in the first rays of sunshine. He closes his eyes and lets the warmth work its magic. When nothing bad happens, he looks around and continues to teeter cautiously. Puffing his tiny nostrils out, Tayo appears to cautiously take in the scents of nature and then begin to enjoy them. Of course, he always stays very close to his mum and dad – just in case something bad actually happens. But nothing bad does happen.

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