Baby alert for the tufted deer!

Short, hairy legs, large ears, white spots and curious wide eyes. This sweet little animal is hard to resist. We are referring to Samantha, the youngest fawn of the tufted deer at Tierpark Berlin (born on 3.7.2015). Samantha is small enough to fit into two hands. Her mum Eileen is just as much in love with her as we are. She lovingly nudges her offspring in the direction of the watering hole and licks her clean afterwards. After that she frolics around with her playmate Fatima (born on 16.3.2015). Dad Eugenius prefers to watch his happy family from afar. He prefers the easy life away from the commotion. It's certainly true that there is a lot going on in his group. And all this when the tufted deer isn't actually a group animal, preferring to be a loner in the wild.

The most beautiful quiff in Berlin

Dad Eugenius is the deer with the most stunning head of hair in the Tierpark. The hair on the crown can reach a length of up to 17 cm. This is long enough that his already small antlers (a spit more than anything) are even no longer visible. The canines make up for this though. These can group up to 5 centimeters in length. They project out on both sides of the snout and are used in competition for the females.

The majority of tufted deer live in Tierpark Berlin

Tufted deer actually originate from China. Tierpark Berlin currently holds the largest breeding group of these small Old World deer, which are rare in Europe and are directly related to the more famous muntjac. Tierpark Berlin welcomed the first birth of the tufted deer outside of China in 1985.

What do the deer eat?

The diet of the tufted deer consists of grasses, foliage, herbs, fruits and even dead and decaying flesh. They also receive vegetables, oats and concentrated feed at Tierpark Berlin.

Tufted Deer
Elaphodus cephalophus
Engl.: Tufted Deer

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