White-tailed porcupine twins

There's normally not a lot going on in the porcupine enclosure. The animals lay sluggishly in the sun and doze the day away. Or eat. Yet there has been quite the hullabaloo over the past 3 weeks: Two baby porcupines have been curiously exploring their new terrain.

The baby porcupines are now on show for the visitors


The porcupine twins were born on 3. May. They spent theirs first days familiarizing themselves with their surroundings inside. Their baby feet were still too short to tackle the large rocks in the outdoor enclosure. The exit outside also represented quite an insurmountable hurdle! This is because it was made of wood and has been broken on a regular basis by mum and dad. In the meantime, the animal keepers have built an unbreakable concrete ramp so that the babies are free to climb in and out whenever they want. They are now big enough to climb the rocks of the outdoor enclosure. Away into the wild! They can now indulge in their lives as porcupines day and night. These animals can now be visited at all times when the Tierpark is open.

Danger at night?


Don't worry: Nothing can happen to the little animals at night. The giant spines ensure that porcupines have virtually no natural predators. Even the small spines of the babies are already strong enough to protect them from attackers. They are only soft in the first 24 hours after birth. This is so that the mother doesn't experience any pain during the birth.

Prickly cuddles


The spines definitely weren't made for cuddling. And even the game of love should be played very gently. You won't want it hurting!

Male or female?


The sex of both offspring is not yet known. Doing so would involve too much stress for the animal babies and their parents. The little ones will get their chip in two months, and only then will we see if they are boys, girls or one of each.

The babies are still too small that climbing the rocks would be totally exhausting for them.

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