Baby Chapman's zebra Florian

Florian is the youngest zebra in Tierpark Berlin. The young zebra has a cool punk hairstyle and bears hipster striping. We're all thinking that stripes will be back in come Berlin Fashion Week! The cute Chapman's zebra (a subspecies of the plains zebra) was born on 28 June 2015 in Tierpark Berlin. The foal is a true mummy's boy. He hardly leaves his mum Almera's sides. This is totally normal with young zebras. The offspring always spend the first weeks of their lives by their mothers.

Zebra striping is as unique as a finger print
Just like all his counterparts, the Chapman's zebra has the characteristic black and white striping. Patterns and coloring will vary greatly. The colouring of the coat is as unique as the human fingerprint. The rear half of the torso on Chapman's zebras is more likely to be striped horizontally, the pattern also wraps around the belly, usually showcasing lighter "shadow stripes".

Why such a striping pattern?
There hasn't been detailed research into the marvelous striping as yet.

It is believed that such a pattern serves to act as a confusion mechanism for any predators. Since it is very difficult to fixate on one individual animal in a moving herd due to the diverse striping. The stripes may also act as a camouflage in the tall grass in the shimmering heated air.

Another possibility is to deceive the nasty tsetse fly, which may struggle to perceive the zebras with their compound eyes.

Others theorize that the stripe pattern is a means to regulate the heat or for mutual identification of one another.

Which is the prettiest zebra of them all?
As opposed to other zebra species, the legs of the Chapman's zebra are relatively short, likewise the ears, the hooves are equine-like and wide. They reach a size of approx. 130 cm and a weight of up to 400 kg. Stop by Tierpark Berlin now and compare the different zebra species. You'll soon work out the differences. In addition to the Chapman's zebras, Tierpark Berlin is also home to the slender Grévy's zebra and a herd of Hartmann's mountain zebras.

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