Video of the birth of our young rhino bulls

Indian rhinoceros Betty became a mother for the 6th time on Saturday. The sweet Indian rhino offspring is already exploring it's surroundings curiously and is enjoying the Berlin sun.

Those whoever wanted to know just how an Indian rhino gives birth can find out with this video. Caution: Not for the faint-hearted.

There is only a suitable name thats missing for the offspring! Tierpark Berlin is currently on the lookout using Facebook. Proposals may be submitted up until Friday evening – at that point, our departmental animal keeper Mario Hammerschmidt and his colleagues will decide upon the name of our latest Tierpark offspring: "Ideally, we'd like a name that is befits the region of origin of the Indian rhinos. Or one with a nice meaning." We are excited to see how creative our rhino and Tierpark fans can be.

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