Babies for the striped skunks at Tierpark Berlin

Eight stinker babies were born in Tierpark Berlin on 1. May 2015. The babies crawl around curiously on camera and point their sweet little noses towards us. Not a trace of any stink. Well not yet at least. The eponymous stench only develops as they get older, explains curator Dr. Florian Sicks. The official name is "Skunk" - what a charming name!

When do they induce their smell?

They do so whenever they sense danger. The strong smelling secretion is directed towards potential attackers from their anal glands. Skunks Enemies don't dare to get up close to them. We also think it's advisable to keep a clear distance away from Mama Skunk! You just never know...


How did the "striped skunk" get its name?

All skunks have one thing in common: They have black-and-white patterned, long-haired fur. The striped skunk also has a black-coloured belly, legs, sides and head. It back, behind its head and tail are all white in contrast. The patterning can however vary in animals of the same species. There is a narrow, white stripe from its forehead to the nose – this is why we get the name "striped skunk".

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